I traveled to Bhutan in late 2018 to produce stories about the country of Bhutan. Bhutan, unbeknown too many travelers, is rich in superlatives. What first intrigued me was that Bhutan is the only "carbon negative" country in the world, which means they suck in more carbon than they produce. The people are also regarded as some of the friendliest and happiest in the world and operate their economy through a Gross National Happiness Index (GNH) rather than the western Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That is just one of the reasons Bhutan marks as one of my favorite travel experiences. This video was produced to inspire and educate our viewers about Bhutan in a beautifully cinematic way. Receiving over 140,000 views on Beautiful Destinations and 2.5M views on Yes Theory YouTube Channels. 
content studios: Beautiful Destinations
Producer, Shooter, and Editor: Logan Lambert
DP: Cory Martin
Shon on Canon 1DXii

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