Over the last 20 years, the international mining industry has been lobbying congress to build the Pebble Mine,  the 2nd largest gold and copper mine in the world. Unfortunately, this mine would sit dangerously close to McNeil River and Katmai National Park where Alaskan Brown Bears thrive. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, Beautiful Destinations CEO Jeremey Jauncey and I set out to help shed light on the environmental issues facing the regions invaluable natural resources. Over the course of three days we explored the local fishing village of Homer, Alaska and spent time speaking with the locals. We explored Katmai National Park, where with the help of expert guides, got close encounters with the Alaskan Brown Bear. 
Content studios: Beautiful Destinations​​​​​​​
Directed and Edited: Logan Lambert
Host: Jeremy Jauncey
Creative Director: Tommaso Fontanella
Shot on Canon 1Dxii

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